Tuesday, September 29, 2015

10 Days Left on our Kickstarter!

What can you do to help us get the book printed? Well, I'm so glad you asked!! Thank you!

1. Donate to the Kickstarter, if you haven't already. You can upgrade your pledge later if you see a reward you like! 

2. Share the project on your facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, tumblr, website, carrier pigeon service, etc. Grab the image on this post and spread it around! Share our Kickstarter link! Hashtag GreatNorthernKnits! 

3. Tell your friends, in person. People who like printed books, people who knit, people who like cult TV shows, vintage wardrobe lovers... or anyone who wants us to make them a beautiful sweater.

What do you get out of this? Besides the amazing rewards, of course...
If all goes well, we will have a beautiful, well-designed book with many professionally edited patterns and a fantastic story in photography, and you can hold it in your hands, take it home with you, knit from it, and it will bring you much joy!

We have 10 days left.

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